Who we are and what we do


Livcon is a small design company, specialized in digital art, logos creation, digital illustrations and digital drawings. We can help you with designing high quality digital illustrations for your marketing campaign, web and game development, infographics and pretty much anything else graphic related.


If there’s anything in particular you are interested in, don’t hesitate to let us know by contacting us.


If your company needs a new logo design we are here to help.

With an experience of 4 years working with Adobe Illustrator we can create a vast varies of logos and icons.

You don’t need to worry about copyright, our creations are all unique and they are made first by hand.


Illustrations are a great way of making your content more appealing, no matter if it is a website, a mobile app or marketing content.

Make your next project stand out with top notch illustrations!

Vectors, Icons and Web assets

We can help with pretty much any graphic related content, including Vector icons, fonts, Web assets, email marketing content, ads content and more.